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In the immortal words of Alice Cooper...

...school's out for summer!

Woot :-)

Floaty, yet stripy...

Just a brief note to say that in the middle of all the current workworkwork, I have finally managed to acquire myself an xbox360. Yay.

Therefore, as all Monk-y names were taken, anyone with LIVE may now know me as the first available ranomly-generated creature: BuoyantZebra :-)

Made me laugh, anyway.

Very busy with whatnot at the moment, details later...

Be excellent to each other,


John Scalzi chats to Cory Doctorow: (or vice versa)

Just thought I'd share, as Sclazi is one of my Current All Time Top Authors, Currently, and I've skimmed through the start of Little Brother after getting the free ebook to see what the fuss is all about... The most interesting aspect of it is that not only is Cory releasing it for free but it's "remixable" under its CC licence - meaning Jo(e) Public can rewrite it as (s)he feels fit? One in the face for those currently in the news for bitching about protecting their IP!

I'm sure there was a link posted by Neil Gaiman (as he rhymes with "cayman") to a site of authors introducing themselves, but I can't find it now...

[EDIT] Oh, and have briefly considered setting The Still Unnamed Vegas Story in Blackpool instead... Jury is still out there...

That will be all. [/EDIT]

Does whatever an iron can

As I'm enjoying a brief lull in workworkwork this week (as in 8 less lessons to plan), I thought I'd say hi! ^_^

Went to see Iron Man last night (on a school night, no less) and can't help but agree with leeflower and las. Well worth a couple of hours of my time, and even having to sit through 35 minutes of adverts for crap beforehand!

Sarky bastards in metal suits FTW!

I am also pretty chuffed that Karl Schroeder's Sun of Suns, about which I've been getting all sorts of blank looks in bookshops recently, turned up in my email from Tor.com! Huzzah! Now if only I had time to read it...

Free books = double win.

Still no time for writing, but I have a couple of ideas... Actually, this isn't true. I clearly have time to go to the cinema, post on LJ, dick around on the internets and re-start FFXII - I'm just not doing it! Arse.


Devouring books...

...something I haven't done for a long, long time.

Kel went out last night, and I settled down to make a start on The Ghost Brigades around 8.  I didn't stop until I'd finished at 1, I just couldn't put it down - literally.  Reviewage on Goodreads soon...

Best night in evar :-)

I'm looking to expand my (currently very narrow) field of Best Authors Ever, can anyone volunteer any other compulsive page-turners?


Anyone know why I can only get 10 links in?



In yesterday's weekly shop I happened to acquire Stardust (on DVD) and Odd and the Frost Giants, for a grand total of £10. Win.

I hope Odd is good, as I've really gone of Gaiman recently. Sure, Stardust, Coraline, Neverwhere and American Gods are great, but Anansi Boys was really sub-par, and Fragile Things wasn't stellar. Sorry Neil ;P

On the subject of American Gods, it's available free (online only) for a month, and some helpful soul has put a link to a .pdf in the LJ feed.  If you don't have it , I strongly recommend you get it!

This sort of brings me into a rant.  I've just read this in my friends feed, and now my respect for Obama has dropped to zero.  Neil doesn't care, but I do.  Write your own fucking propoganda.

[spare rant removed]


Wow, 12 weeks..?

...since last post?

So, what have I been up to?

Well, I've done a lot of work, a lot of marking and generally been busy, but I guess no-one's really interested in that. Or my lovingly built winged Hive Tyrant...

Nothing on the writing front, I'm afraid - although I have read the excellent Installing Linux on a Dead Badger and Sparks and Shadows (thanks Lucy!) that I was dying to get through, plus I actually managed to find The Ghost Brigades, let's hope it holds up to Old Man's War!

Any more reccomended reading would be appreciated!!

I finally saw Beowulf, which was great, and The Golden Compass which was... passable... and I'm sure there's another that I can't remember - must have been good! Kel went to see Sweeney Todd without me, confound her ;( That's next on my list.

Also, as a friend put it, I'm going to be another daddy. Hurrah!

As an aside, I think I need to redesign my LJ, but that's to come later!

Hope I find you well, my small-but-select circle of friends...

[EDIT] Oh, and for anyone who has not yet had the pleasure:

...although it is unlikely that you haven't! [/EDIT]


I feel like I need to shift my focus.

leeflower has been unintentionally goading me with steampunk stuff, and longwing's lovingly rendered DC has reinforced my worries that as I've never been to Vegas I'm going to do a pretty crap job of describing it, or setting a story there.  So, The Untitled Vegas Saga is on hold for now and work recommences on The Poseidon Engine.

After all, Steampunk is not only cool but true SF - it's just different science...  Plus, I get to play with my horror writing there too, to some extent, away from the nameless darkness of TUVS.

However, the first hurdle seems to be that it no longer exists in hard copy (in as much as My Documents is "hard") as I deleted it in a fit of self-doubt when I closed my Elfwood page down.

Home-made worlds are SO much more fun... :)

Back to the important stuff - writing!

As I've had made a bit of free time (there's a student taking some of my lessons, so that's four hours less to plan a week) I've been catching up on the important stuff.

Firstly, ploughing though longwing 's excellent Mythica - I heartily recommend it!

Secondly, searching (in vain) for a decent writers' group. I realise I churn out a lot of crap, but I'm getting frustrated by the lack of *talented* writers to share things with - present company excepted :)

Thirdly, roughing out a new festively-themed piece (for submission) in my head - but not leaving myself enough time to write it down (doh)

Fourthly, if you hadn't heard, Neil Gaiman is officially a really nice guy (more so..?) now :)

In other news, why does my dishwasher beep annoyingly at regular intervals when it's finished until someone opens it? It's not like there's anything time-critical going on in there, unless the manufacturers believe that people don't have anything better to do than sit thumbs a-twiddlin', counting down the seconds until they can empty the infernal machine...

I hope you appreciate that doing all this means there is ZERO chance of me going out to play tomorrow night...